I love how each stone seems to encapsulate tiny galaxies… Opal is meant to stimulate creativity, originality, freedom and independence. Amazing present, thanks mum :)

"Sometimes after all the hate and pain, a happy ending can take the form of a simple letting go…"

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Burley is a small village located in The New Forest, England. It’s renowned for the legendary white witch that resided there and her healing powers. Folklore also tells that it was supposedly home to one of the last recorded dragons in England. It’s a beautiful place, so refreshing and raw. It radiates a serene, magical feeling that can only be derived from the pure, fearless, enveloping awe of nature and the ancient English woodland in which the village is situated. It’s magical.

Echoes + Ink- Alternative and Vintage Blog

Echoes + Ink Alternative and Vintage Clothing

Echoes + Ink- alternative and vintage clothing